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On March 25, 2020 Desert Energy Storage LLC filed for a Preliminary Permit form the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission for the SilverKing I Pumped Storage Project. The project, to be located at the existing Carlota Mine, west of Globe and Miami Arizona, shall consist of Licensing, constructing, and operating a 100 MW closed-looped pumped storage hydroelectric plant. Features of the project will include a 1846-acre-foot water storage reservoir, to be located in the bottom of the existing lower open pit, an upper 1850-acre-foot reservoir to be located on top of the existing spent leach pad. A connecting penstock will feed a powerhouse and discharge tunnel. The powerhouse will house either (2) 50-megawatt pump turbines or (1)-100- hundred-megawatt pump turbine and other ancillary equipment.


SilverKing I Location

SilverKing I PSH

SilverKing I Cross Section


The plant operation will consist of pumping water from the lower reservoir to the upper reservoir daily during periods of low area energy demand and the reversing the process during periods of high energy demand, thereby generating electricity and recharging the lower reservoir. The system will be “close-Looped” meaning that all the water will be reused, thereby requiring no creek or river for continued operation. However, some makeup water will be required for evaporation and water quality control. This will be provided by mine water, negotiation with irrigation districts, or other approved water rights.


The name and address of the applicant is: Michael A. Werner Desert Energy Storage LLC 7425 East Columbia Drive, Spokane Washington 99212. Phone: (509) 280-7486


Information on the project can be obtained by emailing or downloading off of the company website at: or by inspection at 7425 East Columbia Drive Spokane Washington 99212


The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission will publish subsequent notices soliciting public participation if the application is found acceptable for filing.

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